Where is West Fork Ranches Section 248? 

The subdivision of West Fork Ranches Section 248 is conveniently located just 12 miles upriver from Presidio, Texas, on the south side of Highway #170.

Where is West Fork Ranches Section 26? 

The subdivision of West Fork Ranches Section 26 is located just 19 miles upriver from Presidio, Texas, on the north side of Highway #170. Section 26 is 6 miles further west than Section 248.

How far is West Fork Ranches from the highway?  

Good question. Often reasonably priced, large tracts of land are a long way from any paved road. However West Fork Ranches is LOCATED ON (paved) HIGHWAY #170  (every tract has river/highway access).

How is Presidio growth likely to affect West Fork Ranches? 

Presidio’s physical location (situated on Highway #170 near the Rio Grande river and south of Mexico) means the direction of all future growth will be to the southwest. The North American Free Trade Agreement and other economic factors have made Presidio popular with the influx of a variety of businesses and an expanding population. NAFTA and other economic factors are responsible for the rapid increase in Presidio’s population. Situated on Highway #170 near the Rio Grande River and just south of Mexico, Presidio’s physical location has attracted the influx of a variety of businesses. With the expanding population, the direction of all future growth will be to the southwest.

What other evidence is there of the Presidio area growth? 

Commerce and tourism cannot cross much of the Texas border without passing through Presidio. Important ports are located on transcontinental roads and highways. Along with the International Bridge, these are factors which enhance Presidio’s economic environment.


Located at about 29.53°N 104.33°W. Height about 780m / 2559 feet above sea level.

Average Maximum Temperature

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
°C 20.2 23.7 28.6 33.0 36.6 39.1 38.6 37.4 35.0 30.9 25.1 20.8 30.7
°F 68.4 74.7 83.5 91.4 97.9 102.4 101.5 99.3 95.0 87.6 77.2 69.4 87.3

What improvements have been made?  

All of our properties are surveyed under the direction of a licensed surveyor. Click Here to see maps. A qualified surveyor, registered in the state of Texas, surveys all of our properties. Our surveys are very accurate. Corners are clearly staked with a tagged 6 ft. T-post for identification.

Are there any monthly association fees or dues? 

There are no HOA fees associated with this subdivision.

What are the yearly taxes?  

Taxes are approximately forty dollars a year.

How may I use the land?  

The land may be used for: Investment, Recreational, Camping, Ranching, Farming, Hunting, Hiking, RV’s. With the addition of rural utilities, you may even choose to BUILD ON YOUR LAND.

May I use the land while I am paying for it? 

Yes. Beginning on the day you purchase your property, the land is yours to use and enjoy.

Why is land at West Fork so inexpensive? 

We purchase large properties at a low price. By buying larger parcels it is possible to get a lower price per acre. We pass our saving on to our customers. We do not buy or sell substandard land. All of our properties are carefully selected for their natural beauty and accessibility.

Will prices be increasing? 

During the last seven years our sales prices have increased an average of 60% due to supply and demand. We believe this trend will continue.

Can we buy more than 15 acres?  

Yes, you can combine as many parcels as you wish. Fifteen acres is approximately 633,000 square feet. Some of our properties only have larger pieces and we can provide assistance in selecting very large tracts.

Can we resell our property in the future and make a profit?  

While there is no guarantee of profit from any land sale, our land values have increased every year. We believe there are many reasons for this upward trend, including: inflation, population growth, a decreasing supply of land, the public’s desire for a more natural environment and trend toward movement away from urban areas and the increased popularity of outdoor recreational activities.


Monthly payments are made directly to TruWest, Inc. by sending your payment by the due date each month. Your payments are applied using simple interest with a portion of each payment applied to principal and interest. If you wish, you may make extra payments at any time. The entire amount would be applied to your principal balance. There is no prepayment penalty.

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