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Discover a truly unique opportunity to purchase your own Big Country Ranch. Fifteen acres of completely unspoiled area of America's Great Southwest. Here is your own private ranch in a world of natural splendor. West Fork Ranches offers a rare combination of breathtaking scenery, hunting, fishing and nearby National Parks. To view pictures of the land click here.

West Fork Ranches is located in beautiful Presidio County, Texas. Widely known as the "Gateway to the Interior of Mexico," Presidio is the only port of entry between El Paso and Del Rio. Owning part of West Fork Ranches is like buying a piece of America's future. Like gold, it's something precious you can leave to those you love. Yet it's much more than gold, it's a legacy of clean air, the great outdoors and an energetic way of life.                                                             

This is more than an opportunity to own a big "spread" of land in one of America's unique "river country" settings. It's an opportunity to make a dream come true, to hold and enjoy for generations to come. A LIMITED NUMBER OF BIG COUNTRY RANCHES WILL BE SOLD IN THIS EXCLUSIVE AREA. Each parcel is priced from $19,995-  (nineteen thousand nine hundred & ninety five dollars). Interest is calculated at 10% (ten percent) per annum.   GUARANTEES - Click Here                                  

Your own ranch from only $199 per month 

TruWest, Inc. P.O. Box 800-049. Aventura, Florida 33280

(888) 420-0200  or (404) 433-1683

West Fork Ranches is beautiful ranchland that accesses the RIO GRANDE RIVER. It lies on the state's Southwest Trans Pecos region, with Highway 170 parallel to the Rio Grande. Located in Presidio County, Texas, which is the Onion Capital of the World, as well as the Gateway to the Interior of Mexico.        


Escape to Texas-Magnificent Rio Grande


For information about TruWest, Inc., and West Fork Ranches click here.

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Accommodations click here Lajitas | Cibolo Creek Ranch | 
  Loma Paloma | Chinati Hot Springs |.

Click here for Presidio County Overview.

To see some of Texas' desert plants and wildlife click here to go to Desert USA.

For more information about West Fork Ranches, please see frequently asked questions (FAQ) and/or contact us by phone at 888-420-0200 or 404-433-1683.  Or e-mail us at

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